Baby Jessica

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An infant whose entrapment and subsequent rescue in the public eye illustrated the difference between a multitude of 'faceless' statistical victims and a single identifiable victim, to whom seemingly everyone can ‘bond’ and have a personal interest
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Under the new rules: Baby Jessica must have her own insurance, with a separate deductible and co-pay.
The female squad is composed of Ezra Balingit (-42kg), Abigail Faye Valdez (-44kg), Veronica Garces (-46kg), Baby Jessica Canabal (-40kg), Beatrice Kassandra Gaerlan (-52kg), Florence Mae Chavez (-55kg) and Laila Delo (-63kg).
section of the show) to the grown-up Jessica - who played baby Jessica in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em all those years ago.
When resident Jennifer Evans went into labour, the pair immediately called for an ambulance - but it seemed that baby Jessica couldn't wait for the ambulance to arrive before making her appearance.
Derek O'Connor celebrates with wife Carol and baby Jessica after reaching the landmark 1,000 winners on Death Duty at Cragmore yesterday
I just snuck in," said Ben, dad to Frances, nine, and baby Jessica, five months.
bar] On Sunday the Methodist church held its annual Open Air Anniversary service, including the baptism of baby Jessica Sykes.
Victoria Webster thought the "whole world had ended" after she was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was five months pregnant with baby Jessica.