Baby Farming

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Medical history The practice of sending an infant to a foster home, where it would soon die from neglect and malnutrition
Social medicine The illegal practice of accepting ‘unwanted’ babies, often from unwed mothers, and passing them—with various attached ‘processing’ fees—to adopting parents
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The whole idea of baby farming is very interesting,' said Mr Toms, who spent 30 years with South Wales Police.
Baby Farming in Late-Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia," Gender & Society, 2(2) 128-148.
Baby farming on the Internet should be made illegal.
Gerry unearthed an intriguing tale of baby farming and desperation and believes James would never have met that fate under current laws.
The baby farming case has comparisons with human trafficking, but also reveals quite a bit about the hardships faced by people like Leslie James in the early 20th century.
A band of four travelling thespians including Alison Fitzjohn from Penarth - who plays Dross - bring The Terrible Tudors and The Vile Victorians to life with tales of baby farming, slums, sewers, graveyards and ghosts.
Doctors and midwives figured as prominent collaborators in baby farming scandals.
There would be a risk of baby farming, genetic engineering and the creation of a master race," he said.