Babes, Victor

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Victor, Romanian bacteriologist, 1854-1926.
Babès-Ernst bodies - intracellular granules present in many species of bacteria, which possess a strong affinity for nuclear stains. Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst granules; Ernst-Babès granules
Babès-Ernst granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
Babesia - a protozoan parasite.
Babès nodes - collections of lymphocytes in the central nervous system found in rabies.
Babès nodules - Synonym(s): Babès tubercles
Babès tubercles - cellular aggregations found around medulla oblongata and spinal ganglia in the presence of rabies or encephalitis. Synonym(s): Babès nodules
Ernst-Babès granules - Synonym(s): Babès-Ernst bodies
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