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Victor, Roumanian bacteriologist, 1854-1926. See: Babesia, Babès nodes.
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But round the throat of the still-born babe I tied a string of fibre as though I had strangled it, and wrapped it loosely in a piece of matting.
The babe sat with his feet dangling high from a precarious infant chair and gorged his small stomach.
Kala had not once come to earth with her little adopted babe, but now Kerchak called to her to descend with the rest, and as there was no note of anger in his voice she dropped lightly from branch to branch and joined the others on their homeward march.
Remembering the death of her own little one, she clung desperately to the new babe, with one hand, whenever they were upon the march.
'One of the Babes, Ruth Galloway, is a big fan of The Wicker Man so she suggested we use that.
So she made the charming story and its characters her inspiration for her Babes christening gown line.
Now it's founder, Rastrick mum Lisa McCann, is opening a new Boogie Babes class in Elland.
Dr Jones operated on Babes and saw him through his recovery period which took three months.
The England international was raised a United fan on tales of Sir Matt Busby and his tragic team of 1958, and he said: "I always had a sense of following directly in the footsteps of the Babes.
Pictured sporting the shirts are Boro Babes Jenna Herlingshaw, 16, from Teesville; Tiffney Bellwood, 17, from Billingham; Shanna King, 17, from Park End; Kristen Scott, 16, from Saltburn; and Boro Boys Danny Watson, 18, from Teesville; Ross Collin, 19, from Whitby; and Mark Connor, 19, from Redcar.
No prizes for guessing what happens, but that's part of Babes In Arms' charm.
Then came more of the Opera Babes with music from the Mikado and My Fair Lady..