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Stephen M., U.S. chemist, 1843-1931. See: Babcock tube.
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Newman's comrade, whose name was Babcock, was a young Unitarian minister, a small, spare neatly-attired man, with a strikingly candid physiognomy.
"Oh, I mean," said Babcock, "was she possibly not to be considered in a different light?
"I didn't mean that either," said Babcock, "I was only afraid that I might have seemed yesterday not to remember--not to consider; well, I think I will write to Percival about it."
And yet poor Babcock liked him, and remembered that even if he was sometimes perplexing and painful, this was not a reason for giving him up.
Babcock had become gloomy and even a trifle irritable; he seemed moody, absent, preoccupied; he got his plans into a tangle, and talked one moment of doing one thing and the next of doing another.
"You are not tired of me?" demanded Babcock, fixing him with his clear gray eye.
"I don't understand YOU," said Babcock. And he sat down and rested his head on his hand, and looked up mournfully at his immeasurable friend.
"No, I haven't agreed," said Babcock, shaking his head.
Babcock's tender conscience seemed to him a capital farce, and his traveling back to Milan only to get into a deeper muddle appeared, as the reward of his pedantry, exquisitely and ludicrously just.
Babcock and his desire to form conclusions, and he remembered also that he had profited very little by his friend's exhortation to cultivate the same respectable habit.
UK operator Babcock has hit back at manufacturer Sikorsky amid legal claims it reneged on a PS53 million deal for two North Sea helicopters.
Babcock has secured a 3.5 year Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) contract.