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Isaac, U.S. inventor, 1799-1862. See: Babbitt metal.
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Initially, Babbitt and Douglass wanted to restrict membership to Regular Army retirees.
Babbitt (1920-1999) was a remarkable judge advocate by any measure.
However, we shall first turn our attention towards the treatment in Babbitt of baseball as a somatic language.
Babbitt, occurs on what we are told is an April morning in 1920, as Lewis leads us through the typical pre-work preparations of a typical businessman.
Babbitt, a satirically portrayed prosperous real-estate dealer in Zenith, a typical American city.
Myra Babbitt, his colorless wife, whom he married because he could not bear to hurt her feelings.
Babbitt (1910: 197) draws the conclusion that from the 19th century onwards the world fed upon the desire of a permanent revolt, all people having been affected by eleutheromania: being interested chiefly in rights, but not in duties, and tending increasingly more to be intransigent against limitations.
In the 19th-century science this phenomenon of negation of limits is visible in the limitless expansion of knowledge accumulation, which Babbitt (1910: 211) calls "scientific Titanism." Babbitt (1910: 203), however, admits that romanticism was not entirely of a Rousseauistic type: a large part was "the normal romanticism of the human spirit," characterized by the tendency to fiction, wonder, adventure, surprise (and not the detection of the cause-effect chain).
It was Jingo who five years before had scent-ID'ed Babbitt's vice president as an al-Qaeda sleeper agent.
Manley Babbitt had ever tangled with, none was as fiendish as the Nadir.
The Man Who Knew Coolidge (1928) was another attack on the small businessman but less successful than Babbitt. <IR> DODSWORTH </IR> (1929) returned somewhat to the tenor of Lewis's first books, in which the Midwesterner is compared favorably with the outsider.
Despite his weakness as a public speaker, Babbitt captivated the Arizona electorate.