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Isaac, U.S. inventor, 1799-1862. See: Babbitt metal.
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Manley Babbitt had ever tangled with, none was as fiendish as the Nadir.
Then came the Fakir, who had hacked into the database of Babbitt's philanthropic organization, which gifted armor-piercing bullets to kids with terminal cancer, and wreaked havoc with the charity's finances, making a fool of Babbitt in front of all the world.
We see this style at work in Babbitt, a novel filled with motor cars and advertisements, slang vernacular and prohibition, and Rotary clubs and patriotic Boosterism.
Babbitt so perfectly expresses in one of his most shining moments as an orator.
Myra Babbitt, his colorless wife, whom he married because he could not bear to hurt her feelings.
Daniel (Tanis) Judique, a widow with whom Babbitt has a brief affair as a part of his revolt against conventionality.
Babbitt went to Bolivia in 1961 on a research project with Gulf Oil.
In 1967 Babbitt followed his boss, who had been named director of VISTA, to Washington.
Babbitt (1910: 197) draws the conclusion that from the 19th century onwards the world fed upon the desire of a permanent revolt, all people having been affected by eleutheromania: being interested chiefly in rights, but not in duties, and tending increasingly more to be intransigent against limitations.
In the 19th-century science this phenomenon of negation of limits is visible in the limitless expansion of knowledge accumulation, which Babbitt (1910: 211) calls "scientific Titanism.