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Metal alloy material used in preparing dental fillings.
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In her feature directorial debut, Jamie Babbit doesn't show much facility for the technical aspects of film; most scenes are statically staged.
But it feels like director Jamie Babbit had cribbed a pamphlet on "How to Make a Cult Movie," with particular attention to the chapters on "Midnight Movie Casting" (Mink Stole, Bud Cort, and RuPaul Charles in goateed male drag as an ex-gay counselor) and "Cult Movie Design." The ex-gay retreat is a 64-Crayola blowout of lurid colors and kitsch '50s furnishings, a caricature of middle-American suburbia that was very cutting-edge when Pee-wee Herman did it 15 years ago.
"I've been wanting to make this movie since 2000, about a girl that becomes political," Babbit says of Itty Bitty.
Director Jamie Babbit pokes fun at "ex-gay" rehabs in But I'm a Cheerleader but she's intent on exposing their dangers
Wait, that's not all: This exciting issue also boasts 10 amazing gay women in show-biz; exclusive interviews with TV directors Kathy Griffith (Wheel of Fortune), Jamie Babbit (Nip/Tuck) and Maria Maggenti (Without a Trace); a rundown of new gay TV networks; and an international tour of lesbian film locations (that'll get you planning your next vacation).
The makers: Jamie Babbit, director; Brian Wayne Peterson, writer
- Jamie Babbit, director of the film But I'm A Cheerleader, to the Southern Voice
Jamie Babbit's satire is set in a gay "rehabilitation camp," with RuPaul as an "ex-gay" counselor.
But such "treatment" continues today, as Jamie Babbit's satirical film But I'm a Cheerleader explores.
But I'm A Cheerleader, director Jamie Babbit's colorful tale of a high schooler (Natasha Lyonne) whose parents send her off to a homosexual rehab camp run by hellish Cathy Moriarty and perked up by Clea DuVall, conjured laughs and a pick-up deal with Trick-sters Fine Line Features.