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A traditional healer in the Ifa system of divination in West Africa.

babalawo (bäˑ·bä·läˑ·wō),

n spiritual leader of the Yoruba people of Nigeria who is believed to have healing powers.
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Ifa corpus relating to body size (this was enquired among Babalawo only).
If memory had survived and knowledge had been effectively transferred, they would have realised immediately the connection through the use of computing binary language in divination by Babalawos.
Numbers are derived from the "Familia Tokun" page of Egbe Orisa Oko's website which lists all the people initiated as Babalawo and Iyanifa through the temple.
Asking the Negro babalawo what it all means, his eyes rolled over white with red rivers inside, still grinning, as he swallows his brimstone-tipped cigar whole.
The interview was one of those comedic affairs where the babalawo would speak nonstop for ten minutes and then someone in the room would translate his comments for me in ten words.
The term babalawo is synonymous with "traditional healer" and can include both herbalists and diviners.
Finally, a babalawo, a high priest in Santeria, named Papelito calls Julio a son of Chango, the powerful and passionate Afro-Cuban orisha (deity) of thunder, lightening, fire, and justice, who wields his double-headed axe as a sign of his virility and his ability to create and destruct.
Otros peruanos conocieron la santeria en paises como Italia, Espana y Estados Unidos, influenciados por migrantes de origen cubano que residian en dichos paises, incluso por las relaciones en los centros de trabajo (como fabricas y hoteles), casas particulares, en los espacios que frecuentaban (restaurantes, bares, hospitales) y hasta en los lugares de residencia, pues algunos de estos vivian en barrios de cubanos o peruanos, donde su primer experiencia fue el visitar al babalawo, al santero (a) o la espiritista, para que les "tirara" el ekuele, los caracoles o alguna sesion de espiritismo o "videncia".
With the further contributions of the French photographer, babalawo, historian and ethnographer Pierre Verger and Clement da Cruz, curator of the Abomey Historical Museum, the restoration of the building was launched in 1964.
Local medicine-men, Babalawo or onisegun and the guild of blacksmiths played leading social and political roles in the uncertain environment of the 19th century.
The priests urged people to pay heed to the saying, "the young palm trees grow taller and thicker than the old ones," which Babalawo Victor Betancourt interpreted as meaning: "making an overhaul, which is what's needed at the moment and is not taking place.
La "Letra" trae "un mensaje para Cuba y para el mundo, que es tener mucho cuidado con el problema del dinero, habran problemas entre paises", pero tambien "confrontaciones entre hermanos y entre padres e hijos", dijo en conferencia de prensa el babalawo Victor Betancourt.