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(1) 3H Tritium nucleus, a radionuclide consisting of 1 proton and 2 neutrons; it is a weak beta-emitter with a physical T1/2 of 12.26 years
(2) A family of proprietary nonionic, surface-active agents
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Baan Data Navigator Plus allows users to seamlessly access and navigate through the information found in their Baan IV and BaanERP systems, without having to access individual screens or be trained on each module or session to access the data.
Boeing DCAC/MRM was a beta site for the HP OpenView SMART Plug-In for Baan IV and has now made a significant investment in the new SMART Plug-In to deploy it throughout the DCAC/MRM program.
The HP OpenView SMART Plug-In for Baan IV is a specific application extension of HP OpenView IT/Operations, HP's leading operations- and event-management solution.
Business Objects (Nasdaq:BOBJY), the world's leading provider of integrated enterprise decision support tools, today announced that Baan has certified BusinessObjects(tm) for use with Baan IV enterprise business applications.
Testing focused around BusinessObjects access to the following Baan IV modules: -0-
The certified integration of Baan IV and Business Objects provides a compelling solution for our customers who seek to optimize their DSS processing capabilities.
BusinessObjects users can analyze data from Baan IV and other sources, including data warehouses, relational or multidimensional data marts, and OLAP servers, all within a single report.