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Abbreviation for early receptor potential.


endocardial resection procedure.

event-related potential (ERP)

Etymology: L, evenire, to happen, relatus, carry back, potentia, power
a type of brain wave that is associated with a response to a specific stimulus, such as a particular wave pattern observed when a patient hears a clicking sound. See also evoked potential.


A gene on chromosome 12q23 that encodes a member of the ETS family of transcription factors and ternary complex factor (TCF) subfamily, which form a complex by binding to the serum response factor and serum response element in the c-fos proto-oncogene promoter. ELK3 is activated by signal-induced phosphorylation; it appears to inhibit transcription in absence of Ras, but activates it when Ras is present.
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Baan was one of the success stories of the 1990s, and benefited from the PR skills of the then CEO and founder Jan Baan, who was once referred to as "the Bill Gates of Europe".
Baan says the newly integrated suite of products will offer users a better competitive advantage than other opportunity-to-order and order-to-product systems in business-to-business transactions.
Therefore Baan IV customers do not need to reinstall or maintain the web application at any user location or deploy additional hardware.
2003, SSA Global announced continuing support for Baan
We listened to their feedback and as a result, we have delivered a roadmap of Baan enterprise products that are less costly to operate and maintain and easier to integrate with and migrate to.
Both SSA GT and Baan customers will benefit from enhanced extension solutions in areas such as logistics, supply chain management, customer relationship management, corporate performance management and enterprise integration.
The sale of Baan is consistent with Invensys' previously stated objectives to divest non-core assets as part of its overall plan to improve capital strength and increase strategic focus.
Oakdene has provided consulting support to Baan Process Solutions customers since 1996 when the MAPICS International Financial Management (IFM) module was first delivered with the PRISM enterprise application suite.
Former President of Baan Americas Joins Senior Management Team;
Although Dutch ERP vendor, Baan Company NV is promising that 1999 will be a better year, Wayne Webb, VP of Baan supply chain management EMEA admits that the year will be tough.
Baan Signs 105 New Deals in North America and 50 in Latin America for
Lorien Plc, the UK's largest reseller of Baan Company NV's enterprise resource planning software, could be preparing to ditch the troubled Dutch vendor.