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A gene on chromosome 11p11.2 that encodes a transcription factor which acts during endoplasmic reticulum stress by activating unfolded protein response target genes, which is involved in ER-stress response in CNS astrocytes, and may play a role in gliosis.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Organization to Assess Strategies for Ischemic Syndromes. See Heparin, Hirudin, OASIS-2 Managed care A system developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS, formerly HCFA, as part of the required home care assessment for reimbursing health care providers; OASIS combines 20 data elements to measure case-mix across 3 domains–clinical severity, functional statuts and utilization factors. See HHRG.


Cardiovascular disease A catheter system for treating occluded hemodialysis grafts; a low-pressure water jet is used to break up a clot and remove clot fragments. See Deep vein thrombosis.


Abbreviation and acronym for Outcome and Assessment Information Set.


Outcome and assessment information set.


(ō-ā′sĭs) plural.oases [Gr., a fertile area in an arid region]
An area of healthy tissue surrounded by a diseased portion.
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BTP has operations or personnel in Rhode Island, California, South Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia and Florida, US.
2) The cost function of BTP generation method both taking system response ability and BTP efficiency is proposed.
Finally, an additional economic aspect must also be taken into account: BTP is considerably more expensive than creatinine.
There is, then, no factual or legal basis for anyone to claim that BTP is undertaking the tunnel project in violation of federal, state or local law.
Ryan Kasprzak, a former student-turned-teacher whose specialty is clowning and vaudeville, has become a favorite among BTP offerings.
It is almost three years since the Scottish Government announced their intention to integrate BTP in Scotland into Police Scotland.
BTP say that passengers reported that the man had been posing as a ticket inspector.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 25, 2017-Serco to Expand Services in Government Defence Market with Acquisition of BTP Systems
In a series of tweets yesterday, BTP Cardiff said: "Yesterday we seized tons of alcohol from young people as young as 12 at Cathays and Cardiff Queen Street for young people travelling to Pride.
A spokesman for BTP said: "We are aware of the incident and we ask people to come forward with information.