BSP test

brom·sul·pha·lein test

obsolete test for liver function (hepatic excretory capacity) in which a known amount of dye, usually 5 mg/kg of body weight, is injected intravenously; subsequently (usually after 45 minutes elapsed time), the amount of dye remaining in the serum is measured; a concentration of 0.4 mg or less of bromsulphalein per 100 mL of serum or less than 4% of the injected dye is considered normal; bromsulphalein retention may follow decreased hepatic blood flow or biliary obstruction as well as hepatic cell damage.
Synonym(s): BSP test

BSP test,

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Calypte has also recently received USAID approval for its Aware(TM) HIV-1/2 BSP test and is currently pursuing USAID approval for its Aware(TM) HIV-1/2 OMT test.
During creation stages, board partners will utilize high-quality Wind River BSP test suites using Wind River Test Management to validate the quality of the partner's BSP.
Now that the Aware BSP test has passed this evaluation, we look forward to working with Belantara Sains Teknologi (BST), our Malaysian distributor, to commercially launch the product," stated Roger Gale, Calypte's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.