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trademark for a preparation of sulfobromophthalein sodium, a dye used in a liver function test called the sulfobromophthalein test.
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Ms Rabura joined BSP as a graduate trainee in 2001 and moved up the ladder, left BSP in 2006 to advance her career with various companies, returned to join BSP in 2014, and was subsequently appointed Deputy General Manager under HR in August 2014.
A total of 7-8 candidates to replace the current BSP Chair, Sergey Stanishev, are to take place in the election procedure, while the others expected to withdraw.
Moreover, the sale of gold by registered scale-miners to accredited traders for eventual sale to the BSP shall enjoy the same tax treatment and privilege given to the direct sale of gold to the BSP under the Tax Code.
"Considering that usage of payment systems is not necessarily limited to banks and nonbank financial institutions, the scope of the regulatory powers of the BSP are likewise expanded under the NPSA to cover non-financial institutions such as operators, their service providers, among others," said the BSP.
Ramesh Gautam from Balha, Sunil Kumar Chittod from Tundla, Arun Dwivedi from Lucknow Cant, Devi Prasad Tiwari, Ranjit Singh Patel from Pratapgarh will be BSP candidates for the by-polls.
In his remarks, Governor Diokno underscored financial inclusion as being top of the BSP agenda, as it pursues priority legislative measures like the Financial Consumer Protection bill, which aims to provide a comprehensive financial consumer protection regime that consolidates financial inclusion, financial education, good governance, and effective supervision for the purpose of consumer protection.
A looming Congressional inquiry on ATM fee hikes prompted the BSP to issue a statement last Tuesday, with BSP Governor Benjamin E.
In his speech, Diokno trumpeted the BSP's distinguished heritage and rallied continued support for the institution.
Mapa said the BSP had decided to slash policy rates to normalize monetary policy even before the recent dovish rhetoric from US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell.
The bank is also increasing its capitalization from P50 billion to P200 billion which will be sourced from dividends declared by BSP in favor of the national government.