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A gene on chromosome on 5q23.3 that encodes a Na-K-Cl cotransporter protein, which aids transcellular movement of chloride across secretory and absorptive epithelia.
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Figure 6 on the other hand illustrates BSc2 of all subjects divided into healthy, stroke with FM improvement, and stroke without FM improvement (either due to lack of follow-up or because FM1 was already maximum at initial visit).
BCS1 and BSC2 each contribute about 50% of the total adhesion strength.
Expression of the bumetanide-sensitive Na-K-Cl cotransporter BSC2 is differentially regulated by fluid mechanical and inflammatory cytokine stimuli in vascular endothelium.
Specimens were found during the present study at two sites (BSC1 and BSC2) of a single stream, Big Sandy Creek in Sabine County.