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Just last month, ING Bank economist Nicholas Antonio Mapa said the coming months could still be turbulent for the BOP position, largely due to the trade balance deficit forecasted for 2019.
The latest BOP surplus projection is equivalent to one percent of GDP while the current account deficit is 2.8 percent of GDP.
The BSP has revised upwards is BOP deficit target for 2018 to $5.5 billion or 1.
The 2018 BoP Global Network Summit focused around three emerging strategies to be responsible towards the environment, effectively reach and served the base of the pyramid and enable inclusive growth
In 2016, the BOP position settled at a $400-million deficit.
above, Nicole are fans Victor Zaraya, KIDZ BOP President, says: "We're thrilled to see how well received KIDZ BOP has been in the UK.
Lack of staff has been cited as one of the reasons for the poor facility for medical treatment in the report. It was found - as of October 2015 - the BOP filled only 57 percent of its authorized full-time Psychiatrist positions nationwide and it had significant staffing issues with regard to Psychologist positions as well.
BOP Chairman and General Manager Hashim Al-Shawa reported the bank's deposits rose by 2.62 percent reaching about $1.8 billion this year compared to $1.745 billion last year.
A meeting was held here on Thursday at NAB Headquarters to discuss the status of the pending cases pertaining to BoP.
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To adjust for such economies of scale, the BOP researchers made adjustments to the expenditures.
Bank of Punjab (BoP) has launched 'solar revolution' - a financing scheme enabling people to pay for solar panels in installments.