beam nonuniformity ratio

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beam nonuniformity ratio



A measure of the homogeneity of a therapeutic ultrasound wave, expressed as a ratio between the ultrasound unit's average intensity (the metered output) and the peak intensity within the output wave. A completely homogeneous wave is represented by a 1:1 BNR.


FDA regulations require that the BNR be clearly labeled on therapeutic ultrasound units. A BNR of greater than 8:1 is considered to be potentially harmful.
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Therefore, it was a hypothesized that the new process, proposed in this study, for nutrients removal and phosphorus recovery from domestic sewage by combining BNR with IC may be an effective strategy and could achieve the stable removal efficiencies of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, and successfully recover P from domestic wastewater.
We retrospectively reviewed our cohort of patients who underwent heart transplantation between 2002 and 2012 and found 12 cases of BNR in 11 heart transplant patients, as defined by patients presenting with cardiac dysfunction, characterized by LVEF [less than or equal to] 45%, and who had no biopsy findings of cellular rejection or AMR.
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