Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging

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Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA)

a long-range examination of interrelations between multiple correlates of aging. Although men of varied backgrounds were selected for the original study (1955) in order to explore uncontrolled factors that might lead to new knowledge regarding aging, the BLSA now includes both men and women.


Abbreviation for:
Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging
BLAST-Like Alignment Tool

Molecular biology
BLAST-Like Alignment Tool. A DNA/protein sequence analysis program to find sequences of ≥ 95% sequence similarity of ≥ 40 bases or more in length. BLAT may miss more divergent or shorter sequence alignments. BLAT on proteins finds sequences of 80% and greater similarity of length 20 amino acids or more.

Clinical trials
Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging. A trial which evaluated the effects of nonsustained ventricular tachycardia and arrhythmias on mortality. The BLAT data indicated no new coronary events at 10 years of follow up in 98 older individuals who had no prior clinical evidence of heart disease.
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