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Abbreviation for:
backward light scatter
bare lymphocyte syndrome
Basic Life Support (Medspeak-UK)
big liver and spleen (Medspeak-UK)
blind loop syndrome
blood and lymphatic system
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life support

Any technique, therapy, or device that assists in sustaining life.
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ADVANCED CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT: Mannequin used for training

advanced cardiac life support

Abbreviation: ACLS
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ADVANCED CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT: Mannequin used for training
1. The resuscitation of dying patients. ACLS involves management of the airway, reestablishment of breathing, and the restoration of spontaneous heart rhythm, blood pressure, and organ perfusion. It begins with the recognition of cardiac or respiratory emergencies, and includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, endotracheal intubation, oxygenation and ventilation, medications for restoring normal cardiac rhythms and cardiac output, cardiac pacing (when needed), and post-resuscitation care. It may begin in the out-of-hospital setting or take place in the hospital. See: illustration
See: basic cardiac life support; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; emergency cardiac care

Advanced Medical Life Support

See: Advanced Medical Life Support

advanced trauma life support

Abbreviation: ATLS
1. Treatment for managing a critically injured patient.

basic cardiac life support

Abbreviation: BCLS
The phase of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiac care that either (1) prevents circulatory or respiratory arrest or insufficiency by prompt recognition and early intervention or by early entry into the emergency care system or both; or (2) externally supports the circulation and respiration of a patient in cardiac arrest through CPR. When cardiac or respiratory arrest occurs, basic life support (BLS) should be initiated by anyone present who is familiar with CPR.
See: advanced cardiac life support; bag mask device; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; emergency cardiac care; Heimlich maneuver

basic life support

Abbreviation: BLS
1. A level of out-of-hospital emergency service.
2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
See: defibrillation; defibrillator

Basic Trauma Life Support

See: Basic Trauma Life Support

pediatric advanced life support

Abbreviation: PALS
The treatment, including basic and advanced life support, for stabilizing a critically ill or injured child.

prehospital trauma life support

See: Prehospital Trauma Life Support

withholding life support

See: withholding life support

basic life support

Abbreviation: BLS
1. A level of out-of-hospital emergency service.
2. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
See: defibrillation; defibrillator
See also: life support
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Abbrev. for basic life support.
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Q. How the fetus is influenced from Bloom syndrome? If the mother has the syndrome, what is the influence on the fetus?

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The duration of BLS training, that each student received was about 8 h.
The business community also relies heavily on BLS data.
Indeed, this is the full-employment assumption that BLS makes: BLS projections assume that the unemployment rate is equal to the NAIRU (implying that inflation is consistent with the Federal Reserve's target value) and any existing unemployment is frictional or structural.
Poor basic life support awareness among medical and college of applied medical sciences students necessitates the need for improvement in standards of BLS training and assessment for future health care providers.
In order to investigate the effect of hypoxia on BLS from cultured cells, Oxyrase was used to create acute hypoxia.
Kim, and Lowell Mason--all economists with BLS--in the October 2011 issue of the Monthly Labor Review, published by BLS.
Lokesh, the Indian Ambassador, told Gulf News that the Embassy was working with BLS International to sort out the problems.
Prior to joining the emergency response team (ERT), I had been through the certification process and considered myself an expert in BLS. However, following formal evaluation by the ERT team, my areas of deficiency were clearly apparent.
Following receipt of the one-time payment from BLS, ACADIA will have extended its cash runway and anticipates that its existing cash resources will be sufficient to fund its operations to mid-2012.
The agreement granted BLS with the US and Canadian rights to commercialise products containing istradefylline.
In the wider community it is an expectation that competence in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS) is at a high standard in all hospital medical and nursing staff (Buck-Barrett and Squire 2004; Perkins et al 1999).