Boothby-Lovelace-Bulbulian mask

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Boothby-Lovelace-Bulbulian (BLB) mask

an apparatus for the administration of oxygen consisting of a mask fitted with an inspiratory-expiratory valve and a rebreathing bag.
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BLB Investors, at the last moment on Monday, pulled the plug on its pounds 309m-takeover of Wembley, triggering a one-third fall in the value of Wembley shares - although there was a minor recovery yesterday.
BLB had proposed to create a separate company to take responsibility for the case, with any spare cash after legal costs given back to shareholders.
The Wembley directors recommended this bid, but then gave BLB access to their company's books for a 'due diligence' examination as a prelude to a possible counter-offer.
We are absolutely delighted to win this award,' said BLB partner Nigel Lomas.
BLB Architects are working alongside the preferred main contractor, Pettifords.
We are planning to restore the beautiful old buildings at Skitts Farm and create an office complex of quality and tranquillity,' said BLB partner Nigel Lomas.
Contract notice: BLB Z / BLB NRW / North Rhine Westphalia / Performance of tests for the engineering supervision of construction structures (IUEBA) - Bridges and bridge-like structures.