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Bachelor of Applied Science.

Clinical trials
Blood pressure in Acute Stroke Collaboration. A Cochrane Review of vasoactive drugs used to manage acute stroke, which pooled 32 trials with 5368 trial participants.

There is insufficient evidence to evaluate the effect of altered blood pressure (BP) on outcome after acute stroke. Calcium channel blockers (CCBs), beta blockers, and probably ACE-inhibitors, prostacyclin and nitric oxide, all reduce BP during an acute stroke; magnesium, naftidrofuryl, piracetam had little or no effect on BP.


Blood pressure in Acute Stroke Collaboration. A Cochrane Review of studies of vasoactive drugs used to treat acute stroke, which reviewed 32 trials with 5368 trial subjects.
There is currently not enough evidence to evaluate the effect of altering blood pressure on a patient’s outcome after an acute stroke.
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