BASE jumping

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A type of low-altitude sky diving/extreme sport—invented by Carl Boenish in 1978 in Texas—in which participants jump—with parachute—from 4 types of structures that constitute the acronym, BASE:
• Buildings
• Antennas/Aerials
• Spans (bridges)
• Earth (cliffs)

480 men and women have been awarded an official BASE number. As of April 2009, 133 people have died BASE jumping, with an estimated 1 fatality/60 participants
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BASE jumping

Sports medicine An extreme sport in which participants jump–with parachute-from 4 types of structures that constitute the acronym: Buildings, Antennas, Spans–bridges, Earth–cliffs
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BASE jump·ing

(bās jŭmp'ing)
A sport in which participants use a parachute and jump from four types of fixed man-made or natural objects: building or skyscraper, antenna or tower, span (bridge arch or deck), and earth (cliff).
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He died just over a year after his good friend plunged hundreds of feet to his death while base jumping in the Swiss Alps.
Dr Grubisic died just over a year after his good friend plunged hundreds of feet to his death while base jumping in the Swiss Alps.
These factors are likely to bring positive changes in the BASE Jumping Equipment Market .
The Winchester inquest was told that the 47-yearold, who had completed 500 jumps previously, had joined a group for a base jumping holiday in the area.
"He died doing the sport he loved the most but this time whilst base jumping from a hill in Geneva, it took a tragic turn for the worst although details of how or why it happened have yet to be confirmed.
THRILLSEEKER Photo on Robert's Facebook page of a previous base jumping adventure
BASE jumping is an acronym for the type of objects the jumpers might propel themselves from, such as buildings, antennas, spans and the Earth.
This is a bird's-eye view of illegal BASE jumping: a shadowy world frequented by adrenalinejunkies hell-bent on hi-jacking public buildings in the still of night and, guided only by the fire-fly neon street lights, parachuting from the highest points.
It is the second such "base jumping" incident in Middlesbrough in less than two years.
"Sunshine Superman" exhilaratingly retraces the steps--well, lunges --of the late Carl Boenish, an aerial cinematographer and the father of extreme sport BASE jumping. His is a very colorful life story (albeit one that leaves some questions unanswered), vividly told here by first-time director Marah Strauch through a mix of plentiful archival materials, reenactments and interviews with surviving colleagues.
Dream jumping, or simply base jumping without a parachute, is one of the exciting features on offer at the Expo -- the first of its kind being held in the region.

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