BASE jumping

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A type of low-altitude sky diving/extreme sport—invented by Carl Boenish in 1978 in Texas—in which participants jump—with parachute—from 4 types of structures that constitute the acronym, BASE:
• Buildings
• Antennas/Aerials
• Spans (bridges)
• Earth (cliffs)

480 men and women have been awarded an official BASE number. As of April 2009, 133 people have died BASE jumping, with an estimated 1 fatality/60 participants

BASE jumping

Sports medicine An extreme sport in which participants jump–with parachute-from 4 types of structures that constitute the acronym: Buildings, Antennas, Spans–bridges, Earth–cliffs

BASE jump·ing

(bās jŭmp'ing)
A sport in which participants use a parachute and jump from four types of fixed man-made or natural objects: building or skyscraper, antenna or tower, span (bridge arch or deck), and earth (cliff).
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by ADAM ASPINALL THIS is the dramatic moment a hero base jumper parachutes off a cliff to save his injured pal on the beach 530ft below.
In the film, Hollywood stunt man Damien Walters climbs from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle at Port Rashid to swing from a crane, base jumper Noah Bahnson is hoisted into the sky behind a Mercedes before parachuting to earth, and kiteboarding champion Nick Jacobson drives to the Burj Al Arab before performing the highest kiteboarding jump on record from the hotel's helipad.
In the film, launched online today but filmed earlier this year, stuntman Damien Walters showcases just why he is a Hollywood favourite; world-renowned skydiver and base jumper Noah Bahnson astonishingly taunts gravity; and Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarding and kitesurfing champion, shows the true meaning of adventure with a record-breaking and world-first feat from the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah's iconic helipad.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A skier and BASE jumper who regularly appeared on an MTV show about extreme sports was killed while sky diving Northern California, authorities said.
A base jumper died while he was jumping from 500 meters above to Karasu River on Tuesday.
The campaign features some of the world's greatest female extreme athletes--specifically GoPro-sponsored athletes including American World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso; halfpipe snowboarding Olympic gold and silver medalist and three-time Olympian Hannah Teter; World Surf League (WSL) Longboard Champion and professional surfer Kelia Moniz; and world record BASE jumper Roberta Mancino.
TWIN FALLS, Idaho -- Authorities say a 73-year-old BASE jumper who died after leaping from an Idaho bridge had set his parachute on fire as part of a stunt.
BASE JUMPER INJURED Pat W Smith I hope he has insurance to cover the waste of NHS resources.

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