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An enzyme that hydrolyzes the β-galactoside linkage in lactose-producing glucose and galactose; also hydrolyzes the chromogenic substrate IPTG (isopropylthiogalactoside) and thus is used as an indicator of fused genes and gene expression.
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A gene on chromosome 3p21.33 that encodes beta-galactosidase-1, a lysosomal enzyme that hydrolyses the terminal beta-galactose from gangliosides and other glycoconjugates.

Molecular biology
GLB1 mutations cause GM1-gangliosidosis and mucopolysaccharidosis IV (Morquio B syndrome).
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A atividade da b-galactosidase foi determinada incubando 1,5 mL de 50 mM de tampao acetato de sodio pH 4,5, contendo 3 mM de p-nitrofenil b-D-galactopiranosideo com 0,5 mL do extrato enzimatico, a 55[degrees]C, durante 20 minutos.
Amylolytic activity was found in 66% of the isolates, 74% of the isolates were b-galactosidase producers, 51% of the isolates were found to possess cellulase activity while 38% were protease producers.
This wounding may increase the level of pectic enzymes as observed by Karakurt and Huber (2003) for PG and b-galactosidase in cut-papaya.
The test detects the presence of the bacterial enzymes b-Galactosidase and b-Glucoronidase produced by coliforms and E.coli respectively.
Figure 3 indicates that background B-galactosidase activity for the negative controls is significantly lower (p [is less than or equal to] 0.05) in the redesigned assay than in the the RS assay (16).
Expression characteristics of seven members of the b-galactosidase gene family in 'La France' pear (Pyrus communis L.) fruit during growth and their regulation by 1-methylcyclopropene during postharvest ripening.