B-61 Bomb

A nuclear weapon with a yield of between 100 and 500 kilotons, which is now being dismantled
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For example, present-day Air Force nuclear warriors can look up the B-61 bomb's yields and weights, different weapon modifications, operational deployment, and the aircraft slated to carry it (pp.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The United States successfully tested the B-61 bomb, which is in violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) for nuclear disarmament .
According to the Bulletin: The B-61 bomb is perhaps the most versatile and abundant nuclear weapon in the U.S.
The key example, he said, is to make the B-61 bomb earth penetrating (so it can penetrate deep bunkers before exploding) and calling it the B-61-11.
However, there are much more credible means of providing reassurance than the deployment of B-61 bombs in Europe that are not only militarily useless, but also increasingly perceived as illegitimate and, in the not so distant future, even illegal.
This weapon would have the asset of producing comparatively less radioactive fallout than legacy B-61 bombs, which have a selectable yield of 0.3,1.5, five, ten, 45,60,80 or 170 kilotons, while the B-61 Mod.11 can select four yield options up to 340 kilotons.