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What was certain, he added, was that any revision made on the rates will not burden the people, especially those in the B-40 (low income) group.
6ID covers Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat provinces and parts of Lanao del Sur where close to 3,000 loose firearms, machineguns, and launchers for 60 and 81-millimeter mortars and B-40 anti-tank rockets, were collected this year under the enhanced "Balik Baril" program of the government.
Seized from them were two .50-caliber Barret sniper rifles, an M-60 machine gun, a B-40 anti-tank rocket launcher, an M14 rifle and an M16 rifle.
Los comportamientos promedio de rendimiento y sus componentes (Tabla 2), muestran que el macho M6 (B-40), obtuvo 104 t [ha.sup.-1] en RFV, 48.2 t [ha.sup.-1] en PT, 17.5 t [ha.sup.-1] en PHP, 38.0 t [ha.sup.-1] para PECH, 4.5 cm en DE, 21.0 cm en LE y 2.4 m en AP.
Located in stand B-40, exhibitors at the stall claimed to have a solution that could wash away the dead skin from a person's body.
Experiments were conducted when the engine was fuelled with fish oil biodiesel and their blends with diesel in proportions of 20:80, 40:60, 60:40 and 100% (by volume), which are generally called as B-20, B-40, B-60 and B-100 respectively.
The official also said that Cambodian troops responded by shooting a single B-40 rocket and then opening fire with their AK-47 rifles.A Cambodian official said a letter of complaint was being drafted to be sent to the Thai government.Much of the border remains in dispute, and the slow pace of clearing old landmines from the area has delayed its demarcation.
Wearing flip-flops and mismatched uniforms yet armed with AK-47 rifles and B-40 rocket launchers, soldiers who spoke to a Kyodo News reporter at the border say they are not only ready but even excited at the prospect of putting their fighting skills into practice, if worst comes to worst.
The grasper can be used with B-80/33, B-60, B-80/17 or B-40 spool sizes through a simple conversion with easily changeable components.
In one of the operations, sensing an enemy ambush, he grounded his boat, took off with an M-16 rifle, and ran down and killed a VC trying to arm a B-40 rocket launcher before he could fire.
(2.) Surjit Hans, ed., B-40 Janamsakhi Guru Baba Nanak Paintings (Chandiganh Guru Nanak Dev University, 1987).
offices in Edison, N.J.) offers kits to update its B-40 and B-80 injection stretch-blow machines.