B complex vitamin

B complex vitamin

Nutrition The water-soluble B vitamins: B1–thiamin, B2—riboflavin, B3-niacin, B6-pyridoxine, B12-cobalamin, and folate

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Q. When is the best time to take vitamin B complex? I mean- after / before a meal? with what foods? etc.

A. vitamin B complex is acidic, you might want to take it right after meals. i tried taking it on an empty stomach and got a terrible nausea...

Q. I took vitamin B on an empty stomack and then had coffee. it gave me a terrible Stomach ache. why?

A. hi again! you should take them right after a meal. those pills are vary concentrated and some of the B vitamins are acidic. taking it without eating first will get your stomach protesting ...as you well saw...

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This formula also contains neurological support through high doses of antioxidants including C, E, carotenes glutathione, N-Acetylcysteine and neurotransmitters phosphatidylcholine, L-tryosine and DL-phenytalanine in a amino acid complex, plus B complex vitamins.