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B cell lymphoma was out numbered (87%) than T cell lymphoma (13%).
5m, through the Therapy Acceleration Program, to help fund Kite's ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical study of KTE, which is designed to evaluate safety and efficacy in the treatment of patients with refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma and two rare lymphomas primary mediastinal B cell lymphoma and transformed follicular lymphoma.
Primary B cell lymphoma of the penis: successful treatment with organ preservation.
To test that possibility, Tuse, Levy, and their colleagues used tobacco plants to make a fragment of an antibody from a mouse B cell lymphoma.
PET-negative pulmonary intravascular large B cell lymphoma diagnosed by a random transbronchial lung biopsy [published online ahead of print September 10, 2011].
With the scoring system, a definite diagnosis of low-grade B cell lymphoma of MALT is predicated on the existence of a dense, diffuse infiltrate of centrocyte-like cells/marginal zone cells in the lamina propria with prominent lymphoepithelial lesions.
Molecular diagnosis of primary mediastinal B cell lymphoma identifies a clinically favorable subgroup of diffuse large B cell lymphoma related to Hodgkin lymphoma.
The many faces of small B cell lymphomas with plasmacytic differentiation and the contribution of MYD88 testing.