De Azua y Suarez, Juan

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De Azua y Suarez,

Juan, Spanish dermatologist, 1859-1922.
De Azua pseudoepithelioma - a form of pyoderma with histology similar to that of epithelioma. Synonym(s): Azua pseudoepithelioma
Azua pseudoepithelioma - Synonym(s): De Azua pseudoepithelioma
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Olgo Fernandez, executive director of the INDRHI, said that specific measures have been taken such as establishing specific days and times for human consumption and irrigation in the provinces of Azua and Barahona.
Felix de Azua recalled once a conversation with Eduardo Chillida in which the sculptor told him that in his youth he suddenly felt surprised by the ease with which he carried out his work until, frightened by his extraordinary skill, he forced himself to sculpt with his left hand so he could again feel the tension of the material.
9 million to complete the construction of the Azua II-Pueblo Viejo Risk Management System.
We thank Joaquin Cano and Gildardo Palacios, owners of the land where we installed the experiments, Tiolino, Alberto Azua and Carlos Yanez Arenas collaborated with the fieldwork, Roberto Monroy helped with the map, Daniela Cella and Sandra Rocha analysed samples.
On the periphery of the city, in the "blisters of communities," are the indio-s in places like Outer Azua from where la negra migrates.
Substitute for the SPM (1, 4) Esther Huidobro de Azua Vice-Principal of the Elementary school annexed to the Normal School for Women.
Al igual que Goni, Rodriguez-Fernandez y Ruiz de Azua (2004), en este estudio hemos utilizado una version reducida de 40 items, como por ejemplo: "Me gusta transmitir mi felicidad a los demas", "Me siento bien conmigo mismo", "Tengo muchas ganas de vivir", "Me gusta lo que hago", "Creo que tengo lo necesario para vivir comodamente", "Estoy tranquilo/a sobre mi futuro economico", que se corresponden con las subescalas BPS y BMS, cuyos indices de alfa de Cronbach han sido 0,93 y 0,88 respectivamente.
He said there's huge potential for oil discoveries in Azua, from Ocoa to the Neiba bays, along the country's southern Caribbean coast.
The club's other winner was Nakita Azua, who clinched a silver medal in the under-10 girls' Kata category.
Maria Azua, vice president for IBM enterprise initiatives, founder of IBM's Technology Adoption Program, and prolific innovator, has worked with ten contributing authors to gather a collection of trends, tutorials, minicase studies, and managerial insights to help organizations leverage the new possibilities presented by social networking.
Jon Azua, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Guascor, said: "This is an extraordinary opportunity for both groups' cooperation and development.