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A compound that contains the monovalent -N3 group.
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A compound which contains a monovalent N3- group which, despite their toxicity and explosive nature, when combined with other ions, are ubiquitous in modern life.

Sodium azide (car air bags), zidovudine.
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Caution: Because of the high explosive characteristics of compounds bearing azide group, they should be handled in very small amounts, and all reactions with these compounds must be conducted in a well-designed hood, using a safety shield or barrier to protect against possible explosion.
The first weight loss step is due to the instantaneous decomposition of the azide groups with a peak maximum temperature at 239 [degrees] C and a relative weight loss of 30% corresponding to the release of a [N.sub.2] molecule from each azide group (20), (21).
The halogen atoms were substituted with azide groups via nucleophilic substitution.
Another aim was the grafting of PVC with another copolymer, such as polystyrene using azide groups [33] and polymethyl methacrylate via sulfide bridges [34, 35], to modify its properties.