Ommaya, Ayub Khan

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Ayub Khan, U.S. neurosurgeon, 1930–.
Ommaya cerebrospinal fluid reservoir
Ommaya intraventricular reservoir system
Ommaya reservoir
Ommaya reservoir implant material
Ommaya reservoir prosthesis
Ommaya reservoir transensor
Ommaya retromastoid reservoir
Ommaya shunt
Ommaya side-port flat-bottomed reservoir
Ommaya suboccipital reservoir
Ommaya tube
Ommaya ventricular reservoir
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Ayub Khan Ommaya is professor of clinical neurosurgery at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; president of the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Research in Bethesda, Maryland; and vice president and director of research at Cyborgan, also in Bethesda.