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Ciliary neurotrophic factor, see there.
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Rimonabant and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals' injectable Axokine were both briefly discussed, as both have recently completed last-stage testing, Axokine helped patients lose 3.
One of those drugs, Axokine, recently received fast-track approval status from the Food and Drug Administration--a first for an obesity drug.
But a pegylated version of Axokine that is now under study would work longer and require less frequent administration.
This decline in expenses for the AXOKINE and IL-1 Trap programs was partially offset by increased VEGF Trap development expenses, which are being fully funded by Aventis.
AXOKINE is in Phase III trials for the treatment of obesity.
Along with that announcement, the company decided to pursue another Axokine study in obese type 2 diabetic patients, which Nadine Wong believes will decide the true worth of this therapy.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review results from the initial pivotal trial completed earlier this year and the Company's plans for future development of AXOKINE.
During the Class Period, Regeneron initiated and completed Phase II and Phase III clinical studies of its drug AXOKINE for the treatment of obesity.
During the Class Period, Regeneron initiated Phase II clinical trials for its diet drug AXOKINE for use in obese patients.
Executive Vice President, President of Regeneron Research Laboratories, and Chief Scientific Officer, presented an update of Phase III AXOKINE data and the development program for AXOKINE at the American Society of Hypertension (ASH) Annual Meeting in New York City.
Regeneron's clinical development program includes AXOKINE (R) in Phase III trials, the IL-1 Trap in a Phase II trial and other therapeutic candidates in early-stage clinical development.
The study showed that 12 weeks of treatment with AXOKINE resulted in statistically significant and dose-dependent weight loss.