axis of symmetry

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ax·is of sym·me·try

an axis through a particle (for example, a virus) on such a plane that, if the particle is rotated on the axis, there are two or more positions at which the particle appears identical.
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To suppress the upper macroflows of molten metal, the induction coil must be displaced upwards to the distance in which the horizontal axis of symmetry of the induction coil coincides with the upper edge of the molten pool metal (Fig.
At later times, it tends to move toward the axis of symmetry again, initially faster (at [tau] = 29.
The proximity of the edges of the stimuli to the observer is encoded by the appropriate placement of the elements relative to the axis of symmetry.
Out of the way of the device under test (DUT), the feed is located above the reflector's axis of symmetry, as shown in Figure 2, resulting in a clear space surrounding the near-field focus.
f is the distance between the two foci, r is the perpendicular distance to the axis of symmetry, s is the sum of distances from the two foci to the point of interest [?
This means that the line y = -x must be parallel to the axis of symmetry.
Although the horizontal or vertical translation of the extrudate from dies with one axis of symmetry has been reported once before (9), the twisting of a completely asymmetric profile appears to have not.
20] One is reminded also of Elliott Anrokoletz's conception of "tonal centricity" in Bartok, which may involve the "establishment of a given sonic area by symmetrical organization of a conglomerate of pitches around an axis of symmetry.
The just fully offset configuration, that is, the bottom of the reflector just touching its axis of symmetry, is examined.
11 The three banks of lower seats might suggest an axis of symmetry perpendicular to and centred on the middle row, but this would not be normal to anything on stage, and insignificant in the total plan.
X-ray analysis confirmed this solution, revealing no shrinkage occurred when the casting was filled and fed from the casting's axis of symmetry.
5 is the axis of symmetry for the arcs; the real and tangential lines of such hyperbolas meet each other; the normal of such a hyperbola is the real axis and the tangential line of another hyperbola of this kind.