axis of symmetry

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ax·is of sym·me·try

an axis through a particle (for example, a virus) on such a plane that, if the particle is rotated on the axis, there are two or more positions at which the particle appears identical.
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To suppress the upper macroflows of molten metal, the induction coil must be displaced upwards to the distance in which the horizontal axis of symmetry of the induction coil coincides with the upper edge of the molten pool metal (Fig.
Both interfaces deform first around the axis of symmetry and soon attain nearly parabolic shapes, which in the case of the bubble, turns parallel to the wall for its most part and extends all the way to the tube entrance, whereas in the case of the liquid front, it meets the wall at an axial distance up to about a tube radius from its tip.
The proximity of the edges of the stimuli to the observer is encoded by the appropriate placement of the elements relative to the axis of symmetry. In consequence this feature is the same in the case of stimulus settings (i) and (iv) (in both cases the 'stem' of the letter is closer to the observer than its 'belly') and of settings (ii) and (iii) (in both cases the 'belly' of the letter is the part nearest the observer).
Then a Lorenz curve is called symmetric if the curve is parallel with the line of equality at the axis of symmetry, and since the axis of symmetry can be expressed by F(y) + L(y) = 1, we have that a Lorenz curve is symmetric if and only if S = F([hat{[mu]}]) + L([hat{[mu]}]) = 1 (Kotz et al.
In the prevalent longitudinal-church plan, a conventional centre was established along the longitudinal axis of symmetry, a kind of devotional trajectory extended towards the Beyond and, originally, towards the east.
If the feed moves away from the reflector, focusing occurs on the axis of symmetry and at a closer distance.
Their better-known cousins, the membrane channels that transduce chemical or electrical stimuli, fall into three basic building plans: arrangements of four, five, or six subunits with a central axis of symmetry forming an aqueous passageway through the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane - the channel pore.
The thermocouples are arranged so that the three junctions lie as closely as possible to the axis of symmetry.
The center line or axis of symmetry should also be the parting line so that both halves of the die plate will be exact, mirror images, Figure 5.
Landmark Anatomical Description Landmark 1 The anterior mid axis of symmetry 2,3,4 Describe the shape of the 32,31,30 anterior region 5,6,7,8 Located at the anterior 29,28,27,26 lateral of the insect 9,10 Located along the insertion 25,24 of the first pair of appendages 11,12,13,14,15,16, Located at the 23,22,21,20,19,18, postero-lateral of the insect 17 The posterior mid axis of 10 symmetry Table IV: Location And Classification Of 24 Anatomical Landmarks Digitized On The Shape Of Elytra Capsule Of B.
f is the distance between the two foci, r is the perpendicular distance to the axis of symmetry, s is the sum of distances from the two foci to the point of interest [??].