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The brain and spinal cord (cerebrospinal axis).
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"We've analysed the measurements we took in France and Switzerland and they provide evidence that axions 6 at least the kind that would have been observable in the experiment 6 do not exist. These results are a thousand times more sensitive than previous ones and they are based on laboratory measurements rather than astronomical observations.
In various theories for the existence of KSVZ axions possibly present in the DM halo of our galaxy, a strong possibility exists for these to be resonantly detected in a microwave cavity while subjected to a strong transverse magnetic field, under a variation of the Inverse Primakoff Effect [8].
Although the cooling could be a measurement error, the researchers conclude that axions produced within the star stream outward, carrying energy away as they go and cooling the star.
These axions could accumulate around a black hole and extract energy from it.
Any solar axions that entered the observation area would be converted by the strong magnetic field into X-ray photos, which could be detected by sensors at either end of the magnet.
Wondrously, the laws of the universe related to axions are mirrored in this new class of materials.
The metal wall blocks photons, but any axions created in the field would pass through.
If, on the other hand, dark matter is made up of axions, experiments like the advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (aLIGO) could play a key role in their detection - as outlined in ( a recent study published in the journal Physical Review D.
Axions have the right characteristics to be dark matter, but for one problem: a certain property called its "misalignment angle", which would have affected the amount of dark matter produced in the early universe.
The authors of the study state that LIGO's gravitational wave detectors may be able to detect axions - a class of hypothetical particles that some physicists believe makes up dark matter - created by spinning black holes.
Their aim in doing so? To detect and study hypothetical entities called axions and chameleons - particles that may constitute dark matter and dark energy, respectively.