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, gen. and pl.


(ak'sil'ă, ak-sil'ē), [TA]
The space below the glenohumeral joint, bounded by the pectoralis major anteriorly, the latissimus dorsi posteriorly, the serratus anterior medially, and the humerus laterally; it has a superior opening between the clavicle, scapula, and first rib (cervicoaxillary canal), and an inferior opening or floor covered by the axillary fascia and skin of the axillary fossa (armpit); it contains the axillary artery and vein, the infraclavicular part of the brachial plexus, axillary lymph nodes and vessels, and areolar tissue.
See also: fossa, axillary fossa.
Fig. 58 Axil. A leaf for a larger image
Fig. 58 Axil . A leaf axil.


a location on a plant stem which is the angle between the leaf and the upper part of the stem.
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Also, cultural control can be implemented to eliminate the buildup of ground detritus and other habitats, such as palm frond axils, which may serve as breeding milieu for the predatory flies.
Inflorescences in pseudo-racemes of dyads or triads, axillary, 1 per axil, 2-3 X 0.
5 cm wide; its principal lateral veins are only 7-9(11) on each side of the midrib, moderately raised below and flat or raised (not sunken) above in dried leaves; it has several obvious, well-defined abaxial glands at the base and many others scattered throughout the length of the lamina; the petiole often bears a small bulbous gland beside one or both stipules and a pair of impressed glands between middle and apex; and the inflorescences are mostly borne in the axils of current leaves.
Remarks: Cladonia hians Ahti is similar by its thamnolic acid chemistry and open axils, and differs because most of its upper axils are open and it produces numerous regular scyphoid funnels in well-illuminated habitats, though in shade the funnels are narrow and less regularly developed.
When establishing the correlation of anuran concentration with 1) plant region (leaf axils or central tube) and 2) abiotic factors such as relative humidity (RH%) and temperature ([degrees]C), only the RH% showed a significant correlation, not depending on the occupation place (Table 1).
Nests are often difficult to locate, but may be found in hollow twigs, old termite galleries in dead wood, grass culms, voids in tree trunks, and leaf axils of palms (Deyrup et al.
As modified stem branches, thorns arise from the axils of leaves, as do regular branches.
However, breeding was also observed in unused wells and tree hole/plant axils.
Embryo figs, which are just pea-size and appear near the tips of the shoots in the leaf axils from August onwards, should be left as these are the ones which will mature and ripen next summer.
But if you like a steady supply of basil all season, just pinch out clusters of leaves on the ends of the stems, leaving little buds in the leaf axils to grow and quickly produce new leaves.