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, gen. and pl.


(ak'sil'ă, ak-sil'ē), [TA]
The space below the glenohumeral joint, bounded by the pectoralis major anteriorly, the latissimus dorsi posteriorly, the serratus anterior medially, and the humerus laterally; it has a superior opening between the clavicle, scapula, and first rib (cervicoaxillary canal), and an inferior opening or floor covered by the axillary fascia and skin of the axillary fossa (armpit); it contains the axillary artery and vein, the infraclavicular part of the brachial plexus, axillary lymph nodes and vessels, and areolar tissue.
See also: fossa, axillary fossa.
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Fig. 58 Axil. A leaf for a larger image
Fig. 58 Axil . A leaf axil.


a location on a plant stem which is the angle between the leaf and the upper part of the stem.
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et Drude [Musaceae]), axils of "camacho" (Xanthosoma sagittifolium (L.) Schott [Araceae]), inflorescences of "bijao" (Calathea lutea (Aubl.) Schult.
The vegetative buds occur in a strictly patterned distribution, inserted directly in bract axils, and in this they differ from all other cases except the pseudostolons (sterilized horizontal inflorescences) of Echinodorus tenellus and its allies.
Fish conducted an extensive study of the aquatic invertebrate fauna of the phytotelmata in the leaf axils of native bromeliads from central Florida south to the Everglades, but not the Florida Keys.
The foliage is arranged in a compact water tight rosette that is capable of retaining water either centrally or in the plant's leaf axils. The foliage of C.
B1, B2, and B3 have upright growth with branches at the axils of the main stem.
Remove any side shoots in the leaf axils. Once the desired height for the stem is achieved, pinch out the growing tip to encourage the head to form.
Hold them by a leaf and any damage is just an inconvenience to the plant which has reserve buds in the leaf axils and an undamaged growing tip.
It has stiff, erect stems containing linear, pointed leaves bearing bright blue, violet or red tubular flowers issuing from the axils and terminal spurs.
The World Health Organization said that while there is still no effective and proven vaccine against dengue, the only method to control or prevent the transmission of illness is to combat and prevent the breeding of mosquitoes which can quickly multiply in small amounts of water collected in storage tanks, cisterns, flower vases, plant axils and backyard litter.
The fruit is formed in the axils of the leaves the year before maturing.
Remove all side-shoots that emerge in the leaf axils for a single, straight stem.