axillary fascia

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ax·il·lar·y fas·ci·a

the perforated fascia that forms the floor of the axilla. It is continuous with the pectoral and clavipectoral fascia anteriorly, with the brachial fascia laterally, and with the fascia of the latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior muscles posteriorly and medially.
Synonym(s): fascia axillaris [TA]
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The lower edge, in close relationship to the axillary fascia, continued distally towards the brachial fascia.
(3) Complete type span from latissimus dorsi to pectoralis major at its insertion site whereas incomplete type extends from latissimus dorsi and insert not into pectoralis major but on the axillary fascia or into bicep brachi or to the coracobrachialis or to the coracoid process.
Next, the surgeon digitally dilates the retromammary space between the mammary tissue and the pectoral muscle toward the axilla, and, under visual control, makes a sharp opening of the axillary fascia. The lymph nodes--or just the sentinel lymph node--are then removed via endoscope.