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(ăk′səl-rŏd′), Julius 1912-2004.
American biochemist and pharmacologist. He shared a 1970 Nobel Prize for studies of the ways in which different substances affect neural impulses.
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At FINRA for 28 years, including at its predecessor NYSE Regulation, Axelrod will remain in her current post until Jan.
Axelrod said the sale of Fuel Oil and Feedstock Trader will permit it to focus on the firm's core areas of business research and consulting, oil cargo brokerage, and project development.
DAVID AXELROD began his professional life as a reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune.
THE TOPIC: Adrift after his father's suicide in 1974, David Axelrod graduated from the University of Chicago and landed a job as a political reporter with the Chicago Tribune.
The story is not suspenseful; we know what Axelrod accomplished and where he landed.
Securing the services of Mr Axelrod, who will be paid a six-figure sum for his advice, has been hailed by Labour as a major coup - and "seriously bad news for the Conservatives" - at a time when Mr Miliband has been under fire from sections of his own party for his campaign tactics.
I mean these are things that already are evidently not the case," Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol asked Axelrod on Sunday.
html) Politico , Axelrod will shave his trademark, 40-year-old mustache, even after he won a bet with "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough that allowed him to keep the furry facial accessory.
According to the Washington Post, if Axelrod winds up losing his hair-raising bet, there's a precedent for backing out.
Axelrod is the founder and President of The Axelrod Firm, a four-attorney, certified woman-owned Philadelphia law firm.
Modern Spaces announced that real estate developer Craig Axelrod has joined forces with the company.
The Obama administration also plans to "push hard" for Congress to approve a new energy policy "that frees us from these kinds of disasters, that creates new economic security for this country, new energy independence," Axelrod said in a CBS "Early Show" interview on Wednesday.