Aviation Health Institute

Aviation Health Institute,

n.pr a British foundation that concerns itself with the quality of air travel conditions and the resultant effects on passenger health.
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Now the Aviation Health Institute has recommended travellers wear the tights to combat jet lag.
And the Aviation Health Institute said pilots on no-frills airlines get less time to recover because of their workloads.
Farrol Kahn, director of charity the Aviation Health Institute, insists simple measures can slash the chances of developing life-threatening blood clots, jet lag, tummy pain and infections.
Farrol Kahn, coordinator of Victims of AirRelated DVT Association (VARDA) and director of the Aviation Health Institute, said yesterday, ``It's not really useful enough to help things at all - it has got to be a much bigger samples.
They are medically proven to help reduce the risk of flight- related DVT, and are the only flight socks to be approved by the Aviation Health Institute.
Since his death, daughters Linda Jones, from Fairwater, and Jennifer Lamb, from Pentwyn, have campaigned with the Victims of Air-Related DVT Association and the Aviation Health Institute to raise awareness about stay-ing healthy on long-haul flights.
And while the condition is generally referred to as Economy Class Syndrome, the survey by the Oxford-based Aviation Health Institute, which is campaigning on DVT issues, showed 12pc of victims were First and Business Class travellers.
Dr Farroll Kahn, of the Aviation Health institute, said it was vital patients underwent ultrasounds to pick up the clots.
A spokesperson for the Aviation Health Institute said that the airport had cancelled the event because "the airlines wouldn't like it.
Scholl Flight Socks, approved by the Aviation Health Institute, are now available from chemists at pounds 11.
Now the Aviation Health Institute, based in Oxford, is looking for evidence linking airborne infections with cabin air quality.

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