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(ā′və-rē), Oswald 1877-1955.
American bacteriologist noted for establishing (1944) that DNA is responsible for the transmission of heritable characteristics.
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I believe Miss Avery goes in for being a character; some old maids do.
Or Miss Avery giving me a wedding present," said Dolly.
Weren't both of them and Miss Avery friends when Howards End, too, was a farm?
Anyhow, he popped the question, and Miss Avery, she said
It had certainly come through the house and old Miss Avery.
Oh, that reminds me," said Josie, "Queen's is to get one of the Avery scholarships after all.
Steven Avery announced earlier this month that his (http://www.
The plan is limited to a single beer and a single package, Avery White Rascal in kegs, for one year.
Starting with Avery address labels that are 30 per sheet, such as the 5160 for laser printers or 8160 for inkjet printers, a consumer would use the free Avery Design & Print Online software to create address labels.
Avery taught school for a year or two and then, on Aug.
Rising at 32 stories on Riverside Boulevard and 65th Street, Avery will include 274 one-, two- and three-bedroom residences range from $850,000 to more than $3 million.