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or A·ver·rho·ës (ə-vĕr′ō-ēz′, ăv′ə-rō′ēz) 1126-1198.
Arab physician and philosopher, born in Spain. He is best known for his commentaries on Aristotle.
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Results from AVERROES also demonstrated that there were no significant differences in major bleeding, fatal bleeding or intracranial bleeding for apixaban compared with aspirin.
84) The argument seems to apply only to continuous movements, as Averroes observes.
The AVERROES investigators have been informed of the decision to stop the study.
Averroes, by contrast, will say that the study of nature is obligatory because a knowledge of nature leads to a knowledge of its Author.
Ansehn, Averroes, Avicenna, and Rabbi Moses Maimonides; 5000, 3,000, and 500 words to the rest.
00 York Sporting (50:30:20:10) 12-15 Kansai Spirit, 8-11 Awsaal, The Fonz, 6-8 Tepmokea, Crackentorp, Royal Swain, 5-7 Hanoverian Baron, Deauville Flyer, Mataaleb, Averroes, English Summer, Montparnasse, Antigua Sunrise, 3-5 Dazzling Light, Bowdler's Magic, 2-4 Chilly Filly, Lovers Causeway.
Averroes has needed his first run in previous years and that looked the case again behind Cosmic Sun at Kempton, where he chased the leader from three out.
The Commentary on the Sentences itself, extant in sixteen manuscripts, shows the breadth of Fishacre's learning in the philosophical and theological literature then recently translated from the Greek and Arabic: Aristotle, Avicenna, and Averroes as well as much of Arabic science were known to Fishacre.
25 Kempton Sporting (50:30:20:10) 12-15 Lovers Causeway, Lunar Victory, 9-12 Averroes, 8-11 King Olav, Cosmic Sun, 7-9 Round Won, 6-8 Plymouth Rock, 5-7 Red Cadeaux, Greylami, Greyfriarschorista, 4-6 Captain John Nixon, 3-5 Syrian, 2-4 Montaff, Gaily Noble, Missionaire, Ramona Chase.
Whether ultimately convincing or not, Narboni's Averroist interpretation forces the reader to admit that Maimonides shares a great deal more in common with Averroes on this topic than is often thought.
Averroes is probably not a Dansili Dancer, but he will need to be today to win, and he did run some cracking races in really good handicaps last year.
Thomas is presented as the most respectful of opponents, never attacking Averroes and other Muslim philosophers directly, and always inviting those who reject Christianity to see "how that particular experience makes sense only in a more coherent and wider story.