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or A·ver·rho·ës (ə-vĕr′ō-ēz′, ăv′ə-rō′ēz) 1126-1198.
Arab physician and philosopher, born in Spain. He is best known for his commentaries on Aristotle.
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Jean Daniel s'est dit tres emu par cette distinction et la symbolique de ce Prix qui se refere a Averroes, un homme libre, un grand humaniste qui a marque son epoque par sa philosophie et sa pensee qui ont constitue l'un des premiers ponts de dialogue et d'ouverture entre l'Orient et l'Occident.
In contrast to the somber and passive attitude of his heretic companions, on the left side of Aquinas, Averroes reads attentively the Latin inscription in his open book, Veritat e/Meditabi/Tvr Gv/Tur Mev/Et Labia/Mea De/Testa Bv/ Tur In/ Divim ("Veritatem meditabitur guttur meum, et labia mea detestabuntur impius," "My mouth will meditate on truth, and my lips will detest the impious man").
Peter, What do the RE-LY, AVERROES and ROCKET-AF trials tell us for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation?
Harald Arnesen of Ulleva1 University Hospital, Oslo, called AVERROES "a landmark trial." The study shows that apixaban is quite capable of filling the major unmet need for more effective alternatives to aspirin for stroke prevention in patients with AF who ought to be on warfarin but can't take it.
"El autor de este libro, dice Averroes en el Prefacio del comentario a la Fisica, es Aristoteles, hijo de Nicomaco, el mas sabio de los griegos y quien fundo y acabo la logica, la fisica y la metafisica.
Assim, as similitudes entre a cultura de Averroes, a de Aristoteles, e da China, em justaposicao, revelaram suas naturezas, como signos indexicais.
Subsequent chapters are devoted to the thought of Avicenna and Averroes. Thomas made use of the commentaries of both when interpreting difficult passages in Aristotle, but he did not hesitate to correct both when he encountered dubious interpretations.
Tribune News Network Doha OOREDOO recently hosted an exclusive business event in collaboration with the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) Middle East and Averroes Business Advisory & Services.
En un ensayo sobre Borges y Averroes, el filAaAaAeA sofo Luis Xavier LAaAaAeA pez-Farjeat afi