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the general meteorological conditions prevailing in a given area.
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Patient discussion about climate

Q. If you are an asthmatic, is it better to live in a cold climate or hot climate?

A. Well, I'm not a doctor and I guess you should consult one cause each patient can get allergic asthma from different things but as an asthmatic I can tell you it's not necessarily has to do with cold/warm tough humidity and haziness are definitely important factors for some of us. I tend to get more attacks in places with these factors and in my country, the city which is considered with the "best air" for asthmatics has a dry and cold weather...

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IT may not boast a coastline, a landscape dotted with palm trees or an average annual temperature higher than 40iC, but as a global tourism destination, Gateshead has arrived.
Higher temperatures would drive the 0[degrees]C isotherm--the geographic line along which the average annual temperature matches the freezing point of water--northward about 300 kilometers by 2100, thereby melting vast regions of permafrost.
With an average annual temperature of 70F degrees,Florida is a very tempting prospect at any time of the year.
New Caledonia, with an average annual temperature of approximately 25 [degrees] C, reported 15 cases per 1,000 population per year, while Tokelau, with an average annual temperature of 29 [degrees] C, reported approximately 215 cases per 1,000 population per year.
The world is on course for experiencing its third warmest year with an average annual temperature so far 0.57 C higher than the average recorded between 1961 and 1990.
In order to predict the trend of future temperature in Mongolia, we use the same method to simulate the effects of grassland degradation on the average annual temperature from 2040 to 2050; the simulated result showed that there would be a upward trend of annual average temperature with an increment of 0.1-0.4[degrees]C during 2040-2050 (Figure 3).
The researchers estimate the Paleocene rainforest received about 126 inches of rainfall annually and had an average annual temperature greater than 86 degrees.
Across Wales the average annual temperature at low altitudes varies from 9.5C (49.1F) to 10.5C (50.9F), with the higher figure around or near the coast.
BERWICK-UPON-TWEED, the most northerly town in England, enjoys an average annual temperature of about 8C.
And, based on temperatures measured at nearby Lake Vanda, scientists estimate that Beacon Valley's average annual temperature is -34[degrees]C.

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