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Alternative nutrition
Oats are regarded by many as a healthy food; they are rich in beta-glucans, a type of soluble fibre, which reduces serum cholesterol by up to 10%. Oats also contains avenalin and avenin, proteins which are nearly as high in quality as soy protein and equal to that of meat, milk and eggs; the protein yield of hull-less kernel is up to 24%, the highest of all cereals.

Herbal medicine
An annual grass that contains proteins (e.g., avenalin), alkaloids (e.g., trigonelline), fats, minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc), saponins, a sterol flavonoid and vitamin B; they are used as a nerve tonic and for depression and insomnia.
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Caption: Top: After the success of the initial training process in adapting the haircut experience for kids with special needs, Don Avena has become an advocate for taking the program company-wide.
After the briefing in this appeal, the President issued a memorandum (the "Presidential Memorandum") purporting to direct state courts to comply fully with Avena's requirement that the covered individuals receive full reconsideration of their cases without regard to ordinary state law procedural bars.
Oat (Avena sativa L.) is a small coarse cereal used all over the world for food and feed.
The pregnant rats' high-fat diet contained 50 percent fat, 25 percent carbohydrate and 25 percent protein, whereas the control diet reflected a recommended human diet, with 25 percent fat, 50 percent carbohydrate and 25 percent protein, Avena said.
Oats (Avena sativa L.) belong to the poaceae family which is quick growing palatable, succulent and nutritious cereal fodder crop grown in winter season throughout Pakistan, both in irrigated and rain fed conditions.