Georg, German laryngologist, 1864-1916. See: Avellis syndrome.
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(3) The syndromes of multiple cranial nerve palsies like Jackson (Jackson 1872), Avellis (Avellis 1891), Tapia (Tapia 1905), Collet (Collet 1915), Villaret (Villaret 1916), and Sicard (Sicard 1917) were described toward the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.
Swallowing therapy: a prospective study on patients with neurogenic dysphagia due to unilateral paresis of the vagal nerve, Avellis' syndrome, Wallenberg's syndrome, posterior fossa tumours and cerebellar hemorrhage.
El sindrome de Cestan-Chenais cursa con una lesion completa de la mitad del bulbo raquideo; por lo tanto, asocia todos los signos y sintomas conminados de los sindromes de Wallenberg, de Avellis y de Babinski-Nageotte.
(9.) Avellis FO, Kramer LH, Mora P, Bartolino A, Benedetti P, Rivasi F.
[Emphasis added.] Writing in The New Telecommunications Industry, authors Leonard Hyman, Richard Toole, and Rosemary Avellis concluded that "competition helped to expand the market, bring down costs, and lower prices to consumers." Because of the negative impact upon AT&T by its competitors, the president of AT&T, Theodore Newton Vail, changed the focus of the company from competition to consolidation.