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Denoting genes in a homozygote that are copies of the identical ancestral gene as a result of a consanguineous mating.
[auto- + G. zygōtos, yoked]
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Two autozygous regions spanned on chromosome 2 from 132159998 to 142605624 and on chromosome 5 from 107034345 to 161513613.
Ballou (1995, 1997) defined an "ancestral inbreeding coefficient," denoted [f.sub.a], as the cumulative proportion of an individual's genome that has previously been autozygous due to inbreeding in its ancestors.
Our finding of complex interactions between the effects of inbreeding at the current generation and inbreeding in prior generations in the pedigree demonstrates that it is useful to partition the effects of ancestral inbreeding from the effects of newly autozygous genes.