autosomal chromosome

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autosomal chromosome

Any paired chromosome other than X or Y (sex) chromosomes.
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Autosomal chromosome

One of the non-X or non-Y chromosomes.
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Furthermore, in the current study, we used 35,079 SNPs distributed across the entire bovine autosomal chromosome for the analysis of LD in Chinese beef Simmental cattle.
The IlluminaBovineHD chip was used to genotype 504 young bulls and their autosomal chromosomes contained total of 735,293 SNPs.
Differences in the error mechanisms affecting sex and autosomal chromosomes in women of different ages within the reproductive age group.
An abnormal number of sex and autosomal chromosomes in male and female germ cells may cause pregnancy loss, pregnancy delay, spontaneous abortion, and fetal and prenatal mortality or may be responsible for chromosomal/malformation syndromes in newborns (1,2).
In addition, chromosomes X and Y are more frequently damaged than autosomal chromosomes (16).
The tool used for association analysis in this study, GEMMA, adjusts the effect of sex by using sex as a covariate and uses genetic information from the X chromosome in the same way as those from autosomal chromosomes while computing the genetic relationship matrix [8].
However, as the derivation of IBD probability in their report was based on autosomal chromosomes, some equations were modified to fit to an X-chromosome analysis in non-pseudo-autosomal regions (Sandor et al., 2006).

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