autoscopic phenomenon

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au·to·scop·ic phe·nom·e·non

the encountering of an image of oneself, the image being an illusion, a hallucination, or a vivid fantasy.
Synonym(s): autoscopy
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It is hypothesized that a failure to integrate multisensory signals at the temporoparietal junction, resulting in a breakdown of the spatial unity between self and the body, causes autoscopy. The contribution of visual and somatosensory cues of self-location is largely from clinical and experimental data and little is known about the role of vestibular cues.
What this nineteenth century woman heard and observed (especially in the use of autoscopy) is supported by this acoustic data.
In course of near-death experience, out-of-body experience and autoscopy, the self has been seen to free itself from the activities within the brain.
Kirstein (3) in 1897 introduced the term "autoscopy" to describe direct visualisation of the glottis.
It would be interesting someday for science to parse the experience of autoscopy, the meeting of one's double.
Conversely, why are autoscopy, levitation, and flight so commonly found in recent Russian apocalyptic fiction?
'Heautoscopy', or more commonly 'autoscopy', is essentially the authenticated clinical version of the manifest literary double.
Indeed, Gilman goes so far as to assert that Nietzsche eventually assumed 'a sense of modified autoscopy, in which Heine became his historical Doppelganger' (p.
Here he refers to a series of phenomena based upon instances of autophany, autoscopy, and pathological multiple personalities, as well as upon the possibility of body-transfer, and even upon the imaginative conception of a single human person animating several bodies simultaneously or successively.
Huntly may be the doctor sicker than his patient, but much of our difficulty in understanding him subsides once we see that his neurotic contradictions are symptomatic of autoscopy: he hallucinates his own being in Edny." See Krause's "Historical Essay" in his edition of Edgar Huntly; or, Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker, p.
Bishop R, 2011, "Project 'transparent earth' and the autoscopy of aerial targeting" Theory, Culture and Society 28 270-286
out of body experience, autoscopy, etc.) and neurobehaviorism (e.g.