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Asn (Asx),

Symbol for asparagine or its monoradical or diradical.
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We have lived alongside interconnected intelligent autonomous systems for millennia.
One way to deal with such an operational challenge is to design and field force options comprising a mix of capabilities that proportionately includes greater integration of autonomous systems. What will influence our ability to direct such a strategic shift is policy guidance and oversight for the development and employment of autonomous systems--particularly weapons systems--with lethal capability.
Completely autonomous systems are programmed to be self-sufficient, such as air bag deployment in automobiles, Maybury said.
Disengagements per mile are just one metric that can be used to gauge the safety of an autonomous system, and can only be loosely compared to other companies due to fundamental differences in how each company is approaching development, as well as how they define a disengagement.
While its current purpose is to serve as an autonomous system for transporting soldiers' gear, the Army could potentially use it as a robotic weapons platform or to transport mortar systems, he said.
It is important to highlight that the term autonomous system is meant to refer to the whole system, including the platform, hardware, sensors, actuators, software, and other aspects.
Volvo is sufficiently confident in its autonomous system that customers attending the demonstration in Gothenburg, Sweden, will also have the opportunity to ride in the self-driving vehicle.
The fundamental unit of Internet routing is not the router but the Autonomous System (AS), a group of routers controlled by the same routing authority--this may be a backbone, an ISP, or a business.
Neither the autonomous system nor the human safety driver reacted in time to prevent the accident.
He laid off hardware staff, cut plans to build a car and instead focused the project on an autonomous system.
"Because an autonomous system may have different sensors and data sources than any of its human teammates, it may be operating on different contextual assumptions of the operational environment," the report said.

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