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use of a machine designed to follow a predetermined sequence of individual operations repeatedly and automatically.


An automatically controlled operation of an apparatus or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human elements of observation, effort, and decision making.

laboratory automation

The use of clinical laboratory instruments that assay large numbers of samples with minimal human intervention.


n the use of a machine designed to follow repeatedly and automatically a predetermined sequence of individual operations. Automation is used extensively in preparing tissue for microscopic examination.
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In the manual method, the pharmacist pulls the medication from the shelf, bags and labels it, whereas in the automated method, the system sends information about the patient, medication, dose, route and time via an interface to the dispensing cabinet on the nursing unit.
The agreement between CMV viral load values determined in samples extracted by manual and automated methods was assessed by the method of Bland and Altman (3).
Delivery of reagents, controls and consumables enabling the simultaneous detection of the virus genetic material of HBV DNA, HCV RNA, HIV RNA molecular biology methods in a single donation or plasma pool and supply of reagents, controls and consumables to conduct DNA testing parvovirus B19 and HAV RNA methods of molecular biology in the plasma pool - fully automated methods, along with the lease of automated diagnostic analyzers with total and complete instrumentation.
1 Preferred companies for the automation of DNA isolation, indicated by participants in DNA RNA 2014 who currently use automated methods Table 9.
of Ottawa, Canada) defines proteomics as the study through automated methods of the processes that regulate proteins.
The ability for expansion of the program was considered limited and the way forward is seen as cooperating with international research and developments in automated methods to complement the work already accomplished.
To be useful, case-reports received through conventional or automated methods must contain data in key fields identifying patient and physician (e.
Filling in blanks Researchers developed speedy automated methods, based on differential equations, to repair or modify digital images (161: 299 *).
Cellzome and MDS Proteomics each developed automated methods for obtaining large clusters of proteins from cells and body fluids .
is a drug discovery company whose DIAMOND(TM) (Diverse Integrated Automated Methods of Novel Discovery(TM)) technologies integrate structural and chemoproteomics.
Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics.
Initially, most of the activity in Biometrics has centered around significantly advanced security using automated methods to identify people based on their behavioral traits or physical characteristics.

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