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use of a machine designed to follow a predetermined sequence of individual operations repeatedly and automatically.


An automatically controlled operation of an apparatus or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human elements of observation, effort, and decision making.

laboratory automation

The use of clinical laboratory instruments that assay large numbers of samples with minimal human intervention.


n the use of a machine designed to follow repeatedly and automatically a predetermined sequence of individual operations. Automation is used extensively in preparing tissue for microscopic examination.
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Table-1: Comparison between the microscopic methods and the automated method Anitha's Brahimi's method method versus versus Automated Automated method method Paired t p-value 0.
In the MagNA Pure LC protocol for the AMPLICOR HCV Test, ~35% more HCV IC (by volume) was added to the MagNA Pure LC lysis buffer than to the lysis buffer used for the manual method to compensate for the less efficient recovery of this small RNA transcript with the automated method (data not shown).
Agar granulado bismuto sulfite (of 500 grams),isoamylalcohol,anti smith (sm) automated method, 48 tests,asas or spacers inoculum microbiological food,enrichment broth for granular hajna gn by selective culture-negative bacteria gram.
Other benefits include liquid stable reagents with long shelf life, complete kit in a ready-to-use format, with a rapid, fully automated method, and detailed instrument parameter information.
An automated method of sorting chromosomes is expected to speed genetic research and to allow genetic screening of more pregnancies.
1 million notices annually with the use of a new automated method.
NYSE:PGI), a global outsource provider of business process solutions, today announced an upgrade to its Collections Accelerator solution that provides a convenient, automated method of payment capture for Automated Clearing House (ACH)/debit card users.
The contract is for the purchase and delivery of reagents in immuno-hematology erythrocyte automated method and / or manual for the immuno-erythrocyte patient laboratories.
SomoVu is an advancement in ultrasound technology that provides a comfortable, automated method for obtaining a comprehensive ultrasound scan of the breast.
Until now, IT administrators did not have a comprehensive, automated method for tracking and reporting on all server file system events, such as when an end user reads, deletes or creates a file on the server.
Choosing Asigra(TM), the technology leader in agentless multi-site backup and recovery software for network computing, DS3 gained an automated method to verify the validity of all backup data, correct any problems encountered with data corruption or logical inconsistencies caused by third-party products and ensure readiness for data recovery.

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