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Abbreviation for arteriovenous malformations , under malformation.
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1. Acute viral meningitis, see there.
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(mal?for-ma'shon) [ mal- + formation]
Abnormal shape or structure, esp. congenital; deformity.

arteriovenous malformation

Abbreviation: AVM

cavernous malformation (of the brain)

A collection of tiny blood vessels surrounded by neural tissue, found in the brain on MR scans, but not easily seen with cerebral angiography. If these blood vessels rupture, they may cause headaches or seizures.

spinal cavernous malformation

A cavernous malformation in the spinal cord. If the abnormal veins in the malformation rupture, a patient may suffer stroke-like symptoms that correspond to the nerves at the level of the spinal cord where the hemorrhage occurs.

tooth malformation

Abnormalities of size and shape that usually occur during the morphodifferentiation stage of tooth formation. Incomplete matrix formation or mineralization will also result in defective teeth that may or may not be abnormal in shape initially.
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Patient discussion about AVM

Q. Blood in stools before and after polyp removel, Avms of the deodenel loop, inside hems, and 3cin tubuo adenoma Hi, On Nov of 06 I had a colonoscopy done and they didnt find any thing that could be mking me bleed and go to the rest room often. Then in Nov of 07 did a EDg and found I have AVMs of the deodenel loop.She Burned them and I didnt have any more bleeding till June of thei yr.On 6/6/08 i had another EDg done she burned more AVMs and on Mon I started bleeding again. This time she did a colonoscopy and found I had inside hems and a 3cin tubuolvillous adenoma inflamed.She cut, burned, and took it out in peices.She saye she will go back in Nov of this yr and look again. Two weeks after I had this done I had started to bleed again and had bad such bad pain in my hip I had to hold on to walk. that same day i started to bleed again. I bled out big clots and a bowl full of blood! A few days later the pain went away but was still bleeding ever time I had bowl movement!I can bleed up to 4 days at a times sometimes. I have been taking HC supp. and it seems to have stoped the bleeding and pain!

A. It is normal that after a polyp removal you will continue bleeding some more. However, if you feel like there is a lot of bleeding, and/or you are not feeling well, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to stop the bleeding or look for the source of bleeding.

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