autologous transplantation

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autologous transplantation,


autologous transplant

A generic term for the administration of tissues or cells, in particular bone marrow, which had been removed before high-dose chemo- and/or radiotherapy.

au·tol·o·gous trans·plan·ta·tion

(aw-tol'ŏ-gŭs trans'plan-tā'shŭn)
Transplant involving one person as both donor and recipient.

Autologous transplantation

A procedure wherein the person donates blood or tissue to themselves.
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In other solid tumors, the patients may benefit from autologous transplantation in presence of the following special conditions (24):
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Discovering this novel, autologous transplantation method, where there is no rejection.
The authors theorize that a delay between the onset of complete remission and the initiation of post-remission treatment might account for the failure of autologous transplantation to improve survival.
The committee endorsed the company's data, suggesting that adding Stemgen to Neupogen in patients undergoing autologous transplantation increased the proportion of patients able to reach a target number of stem cells to permit transplantation and that the risk/benefit ratio supports the indication.

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