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An instrument capable of conducting analyses automatically; commonly used in chemical analyses.
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Serum ferritin was measured by solid phase, two site chemiluminescence method by Immulite 2000A(r) autoanalyzer. Analytical sensitivity of TIBC, iron was 1.8umol/L and 0.9umol/L respectively while recovery is 95% and 97% respectively.
AST, ALT, T-BIL, TP, ALB, GLB, ALP, TG, TCHO, HDL-C and LDL-C were measured by standard methods using an autoanalyzer (JCA-BM6010/C, Sysmex CA-620, Japan).
Comparison of analytical characteristics of hTSH methods using DXI 800 autoanalyzer Analytical parameter Fast hTSH HYPERsensitive hTSH Standard WHO 2nd IRP 80/558 Method Paramagnetic particle chemiluminescence sandwich immunoassay Generation 2nd 3rd Sample volume 55 110 Result time, min 20 45 AMR, [micro]IU/mL 0.030-100 0.015-100 AMR: Analytical measurement range; WHO: World Health Organization; (ref.
Body weight was measured using the electronic weighing scale and total protein levels using an autoanalyzer. Blood sample was collected from the retro-orbital plexus of each animal, under light anesthesia, according to the method of Cocchetto and Bjornsson on the 1st and 14th days.
The liver ALT and AST levels were measured in an autoanalyzer (HumaStar 600, Germany) using commercial assay kits (AST and ALT HumaStar kits, Cat No: 12021300 and 12022300, Germany).
Comparison of serum sodium levels measured by blood gas analyzer and biochemistry autoanalyzer in patients with hyponatremia, eunatremia, and hypernatremia.
Serum calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphate were estimated using Olympus AU 400 chemistry autoanalyzer, serum calcium by photometric color (Arsenazo method) test, serum inorganicphosphorus by photometric Ultraviolet test (phosphomolybdate method) & serum alkaline phosphate by kinetic colorimetrictest (p-nitrophenyl phosphate in amino methyl propanol buffer solution).
BUN and SCR were measured using a Biochemistry Autoanalyzer (Olympus, Tokyo, Japan).
Tissue homogenate protein results were obtained as mg/dL with Abbott urinary protein kit using an autoanalyzer (Architect, Abbott).
Serum 17-hydroxyprogesterone levels were determined using a commercially available kit (DiaMetra, Segrate, Italy) and an autoanalyzer (Etimax 3000; DiaSorin, Stillwater, MN, USA).
ALT was analysed by using fully autoanalyzer. Plasma triglycerides and serum total cholesterol were determined by GOD-PAP and CHOD-PAP method on the Selectra ProS, respectively.